What we’ve been watching on Netflix – Rudderless and other loves

I mentioned last week that Laurence is working in London so I’m flying solo during the week. It’s definitely been tougher than I expected – a lot of adjusting, a lot of facing things in myself that I need to work on and a lot for the kids to cope with. BUT…I get to watch whatever I want to watch on TV. There is, my friends, a bright side to everything.

I’ve also just been invited to join the Netflix stream team. They’re giving me a subscription and some other perks in exchange for chatting about what I watch.

So here’s what I’ve been watching.

I actually haven’t looked at loads because I get a bit overwhelmed with choice whenever I turn Netflix on. There is just so much on there! That, and with Laurence not here, I actually have less time to sit down and watch anything than I would if he were. Go figure. I won’t mention everything I’ve watched, though. Just the highlights.


The standout film for me has been Rudderless. It’s an indie film about a father (Billy Crudup) whose adult son tragically dies. He moves through grief by playing his son’s songs and passing them off as his own. He finds himself living on his son’s music and discovers in it an unlikely link back to life in this raw, gently paced story of transformation.

Rudderless is at once heartbreaking, shocking and desperately beautiful. It asks questions about how we pick apart this kind of experience, whether it’s really possible to move on.

It was the first time I’d seen Anton Yelchin in a serious dramatic role and I’d definitely like to check out more of his work. He’s perfect in this. To be honest, they all are.

Needless to say, I will be watching it again and making Laurence watch with me one of the weekends he’s back.

love and other impossible pursuits

Another film I’m glad I saw was Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. I don’t know why I keep watching sad films. Hurt so good, maybe?

In this film, Natalie Portman plays a mother whose three-day-old baby dies of SIDS. The film focuses in on her relationship with her eight-year-old stepson, tense but touching.

Considering the plot’s anchor in a parent’s worst nightmare, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits is surprisingly uplifting and, at times, gently humourous. I’d be well up for reading the novel it’s based on.

grace and frankie

I’m also a few episodes into Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original series about two middle aged women, polar opposites, whose husbands leave them – to marry each other. It’s funny and thought-provoking (Lily Tomlin is fantastic in this!) but I’m not sure it’s grabbed me enough to continue so I’ll probably delve into something else though I might be back.

On to what Talitha’s been watching.

I was really excited about introducing Talitha to a childhood favourite Care Bears until I saw the 3D and realised they’d only gone and changed it in the past 20-something years! I’m not sure how I feel about that and I haven’t had time to explore it because she got scared of the baddie pretty much right away. She’s still not good with the mildest suspense, which rules out most of what’s available on Netflix!


In the end, she’s mainly watched Peppa Pig and Barney and Friends. I used to love Barney – until I got old enough to realise it was annoying! But now I love how much she loves it so it’s totally changed my perspective on it. Innocent, fun, educational, NOT AT ALL SCARY – what’s not to like? I’m amused by how delightfully retro it is and that that doesn’t bother her at all – got that, weird 3D Care Bears?!

Do you have Netflix? Any suggestions for TV series I should give a go?

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