Who has the messiest kids?

Thank you to everyone who entered my #circusqueenargos comp to win a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner from Argos! It’s been really difficult choosing the funniest entry. Thank you for helping me populate social media with lots and lots of MESS. A nice change from all the aspirational perfection, don’t you think? Here are six of my favourites…

Above – a colourful, somewhat whimsical mess from Julia Plant, complete with a child wiped out from having created it.

Great effort with all the signs, Leah~having fun. The Where’s Wally is a especially humorous touch.

I’ve noticed a lot of us have this shelf and none of our kids seem to know what it’s for. A spectacular mess, Liz Burton!

So much Lego, Rachel Ringwood! This is a child’s dream and their grownup’s nightmare.

Andrea Edge’s child has All. The. Teddies. In. The. World.

Loved Jenny Long’s cheeky chap just laying there under all that clutter like: “I’m just hanging out, mum.”

And the winner is…
Jane Town! This photo actually made my heart race at the thought of having to clean up this disaster. I love that her child is just standing there, nonchalantly looking at the mess he’s created, aptly dressed in a monster pajama top! And, of course, the perfect shelf for organising is present, but empty. Congrats, Jane! Thanks for the mess.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter this competition. xx

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