Why did you have a child?

A safe place grew inside of us. It expanded with laughter, with healing, with minutes and days. I slipped my hand in to try to make sense of it, passing my fingers along the grooves in its walls.

They were hard like marble but surprisingly warm. In fact, I found words etched there in blood-hot stone, inarticulate – an entire language without a name.

I withdrew my hand in fear and shocked longing. Suddenly it seemed a much larger space. Without full understanding, I had felt an echo inside there vibrate.

It whispered eyes, balance and creativity. It screamed beauty and continuity, fragility and rage.

I rinsed my hand, dried it, shoved it in my pocket and promised to forget.

But I’d changed.

This post is a response to a blogging prompt set by Nickie at Typecast in promotion of CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy Campaign.

The prompt was: “What do your children mean to you? Why did you have children? How have they changed your life?”

To get involved, visit Typecast’s roundup of the week’s blogging prompt posts on Thursday (I’ll remind you through the Circus Queen Facebook Page or on Twitter) and share a post you like. If you’re a blogger, join in with the prompt.

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