Why is it important to get together with other parents?


1. Peekaboo is not a conversation
2. They give you a reason to have a shower
3. They understand if you’ve not had a shower and they probably haven’t had one either
4. You won’t bore them – they’re well-versed in nappy contents, first sounds and sleepless nights too
5. Parenting is a big deal. We’re not meant to go it alone
6. When something really scary happens you need to talk to someone who understands how terrifying this kind of love makes things
7. They get that you’ve changed
8. They get that you’re still you
9. They get that you don’t feel quite like you but that you need to
10. This is the only time you get to choose your child’s friends

This post is a response to Nickie at Typecast‘s #dosomethingyummy blog prompts for CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy campaignmore responses and consider getting involved.

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