Win a Boobie Beanie – a breastfeeding hat

They’re all over the internet at the moment, these breast-like crotcheted baby hats. I first saw them in the post “How to do discreet breastfeeding” where Blue Milk called it: “A little F.U. from the lactating ladies.”

I just love them. I think they’re hilarious.

It’ll definitely get you a double-take when you’re feeding so, as Boobie Beanies suggests, they’re baby hats “for the brave”. I’d add to that “with a keen sense of humour”!

You lot seem the confident sort to me, so Boobie Beanies have agreed to give one of you one of their hats. The hats are handmade from Organic DK wool, made to order to fit your baby and come in the colours Black, Asian and White.

Cara at Boobie Beanies took up crotchet while at hospital diagnosed with Pluerisy when she discovered that she was “a rubbish patient”. After seeing the cartoon Hathor the Cow Goddess knocking about on Facebook, she joked to her lactivist sister, pregnant with a third child, that she could make her a boobie baby hat. When all her sister’s friends started asking for her to make them one, Boobie Beanies was born.

To win a boobie beanie, share your or someone else’s strategy for breastfeeding in public in the comments.

(I’ll start: “I’ve stopped over-thinking it. If I flash a nipple, no biggie. But if I am a bit uncomfortable, wearing two tops helps.”)

Competition open to UK residents only. Entries close on March 13th at 8pm.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced the following the day on the Circus Queen Facebook page .

Boobie Beanies will contact the winner shortly after to arrange details and delivery.

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  • Fab competition – we have one of these (in the right colours so it matches if I flashed the other one!) – loved the double takes

    Best tip is just to get on with it – most people are so self centered they won’t notice and if they do 99% of the time it just looks as if you are cuddling your baby (admittedly this isn’t true if you are nursing twins at the same time…)

  • My tip is, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your midwife, HV or breastfeeding councillor! The right support is vital in the early days  – oh and I have to share this again… ‘If my breastfeeding offends you, please feel free to put a blanket over your head!’ Hee hee!

    Wonderful comp – I LOVE these hats!

  • My favourite tip is to go for the tshirt + cardi combo when out. Tshirt pulled up covers above the nipple, cardie covers the side, and baby covers the tummy!

  • I love these! 
    My strategy is to make it obvious what I am about to do by saying ‘oh do you want some milk now’, this gives any men the chance to look away or pretend they need the toilet, act confident and wear a big scarf. And have your lines ready for any nasty people who feel the need to say something negative! x

  • My first time feeding in public, I got so embarrassed I ran into the bathroom at the restaurant. But very quickly thereafter, I decided to just suck it up (no pun intended!) and get on with it. I try to be discrete if possible, but my kid HATES being covered up, so in the end, I just got over it. I’ve never had any bad reactions. In fact, most of the time, I get little old ladies coming up to me to tell me how nice it is to see a mother breastfeeding and not relying on a bottle.

    My little man is over a year old now, so usually when we go out, we have a bottle or sippy cup for him. But at home we usually BF still. And if I went out unprepared, I’d happily still whip it out for him. 

  • My tip is to have a baggy enough cardie to hide most nips & slips, and to have something to occupy yourself while baby is tucking in.  If you’re busy eating you lunch, reading the paper or whatever, you won’t notice anyone who looks unimpressed.

    That said, I never had any problems, the nearest to an issue I had was a group of 10yr old boys in the sports centre cafe who though it was really very interesting because there was a boob almost nearly slightly visible.  By the time they got back to school after the holidays, I’ve no doubt I was dancing round the room starkers according to their tales.

    • I’ve never had issues either, truth be told. But then, I probably wouldn’t notice. The only time I’ve noticed someone looking at us was when I was trying to wake T up to feed while we were in a warm pub before we went out to a cold tent for a folk gig. I kept brushing my nipple all over her face but she was too sleepy to notice. An old man on the other side of the room clearly found it hilarious and I don’t blame him. It was! 

      You were giving those boys an education.

  • I agree with Hannah. Have breastfed 3 (still feeding 3rd child who is 13m). I have never had a problem feeding everywhere and anywhere. I just get on with it. I wear a vest top under my top. It allows a little discretion as I pull one top up and one down. Have had no negative comments and most of the time I don’t think anyone notices. Love the hats! 🙂

  • My tip: Always have a muslin at the ready, so when baby pulls away to look at the people walking by and milk starts spraying everywhere, you can stem the flow and hopefully look like less of a street performance act.

  • Today I was at a petrol station just about to fill up my tank when my baby girl started to cry for her milk.  I decided as the garage wasn’t so busy, I would quickly feed her lol.  I was discreet enough but they all goes out the window when you know your baby needs a feed.  

    One older couple were so impressed that at the fact I was breastfeeding so the lady knocked on my window and offered to get her husband to fill up my tank.  We got talking whilst I was still feeding and to my surprise the gentlemen had filled up £20 worth of petrol, went to the kiosk and PAID for my petrol.  I was so speechless… there are still some good people out there.

  • Ooh I want to win one! I’ve seen something similar before and thought they were absolutely hilarious.

    How I deal with breastfeeding in public- to be honest wearing a hijab makes it a non- issue. Just slip baby underneath the cloth. Is that cheating?

  • Don’t need a boobie beanie (youngest child is 7) and not a UK resident. 

    My top tip would be baggy clothes, but I  know I’m rather out of date. It was so much easier in the days when t-shirts were baggy and you could just hitch up the side of one, and then let the fabric drop over the baby. Tight tops are not breast-feeding friendly.

  • By the way, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve extended the time limit for the giveaway on my blog. I just thought, on reflection, that 4 days wasn’t very long, but when I went back to alter it, you’d already snuck in and left a comment. I feel obliged to tell you, in the interests of fair play, and give you a chance to object!

  • My tip is…be determined, you are right so don’t be put off, take a friend if it’s the first time, and if you think you will be worried a muslin square draped over a shoulder disguises things a bit. Personally I enjoyed the opportunity to flash a boob in public! Oh and leave a copy of the Sun open on page 3 , on the table if it’s in a cafe