World Breastfeeding Week 2012 – 23 bloggers celebrate

What happens when you put out a call for bloggers to share their breastfeeding photographs? A whole lot of beautiful. Twenty-three bloggers responded with images of themselves and their babies.

Most are pictures of them breastfeeding. One is a post-milky cuddle. Kylie Hodges from Not Even a Bag of Sugar sent a picture of herself pumping in a hospital room so that her premature baby could have her milk.

These pictures represent diverse breastfeeding experiences. Some of these women really struggled to get breastfeeding going. Others found it a breeze from first latch. Some finished breastfeeding before they were ready. Others breastfed beyond their own expectations.

All have shared a reason why they love breastfeeding in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2012.

Our Feminist Playschool

I love that we nursed anywhere and everywhere – my son’s insatiable appetite helped me feel proud and confident about nursing in public – even in the middle of holiday dinner

 Me the Man and the Baby

I love breastfeeding because I’m lazy and like the easy life. No hassle and messing around. Whip it out and away you go.


Second Time Mummy

I loved breastfeeding because it was my time to bond with baby and really chill out. With my second we used the time to read a story so my eldest didn’t feel left out.

Snaffles Mummy

I loved breastfeeding because I love looking at my baby knowing that for the first 6 months of his life, me, and me alone kept him alive.



Plus 2.4

 I loved breastfeeding because I could, despite the difficulties I had at the beginning.



Joy and Woe

I loved (love) breastfeeding for the intimacy it brought to my relationship with my children, and because it extended the awe I had with my body and its ability to create, sustain and nurture new life.

Ghostwriter Mummy

I love breastfeeding because it’s the most natural way to bond with my babies and gives me 10 minutes of utter peace in an otherwise chaotic life!

Not Such a Yummy Mummy

I adored breastfeeding, it made me feel so special that I was the only person who could keep this little person alive.

Purple Mum

I love breast feeding because it makes my babies happy


Where Roots and Wings Entwine

I loved breastfeeding and I cherish the memories I have of breastfeeding my son. I loved night feeds in particular when it was just me and him in the dead of the night, our special time together, catching up in the quiet of the night lovingly watching the little baby in my arms with complete awe and all consuming love.



I breastfed Iyla for 18 months and I loved it for so many different reasons. It gave me so much time to just take in every little detail of her face. I didn’t even used to switch the telly on some days as I was quite happy to just sit and watch the little person I had created instead. Of course I had bad days, especially towards the end when I started to worry about what other people thought but overall it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Mum in the Woods

To me breastfeeding is such an integral part of the way I parent that it can be hard to break down the reasons that I love it. I love that, as much as it frustrates me at times, breastfeeding ties me physically to my son; so I cannot lose focus of how crucial that contact is in the early years. I just love it all!

Real Housewife of Suffolk

What I love about breastfeeding is the sense of achievement, knowing that you are providing them food from your own body especially made for them, the bond, and feeling that you are so important, doing a job that no one else can do for your child.

Story of Mum

Breastfeeding reminds me that my body is a miracle, fulfilling its potential. It makes me feel that my child and I are deeply connected.
A small hand burrowing into my skin as my child is soothed to sleep in a calm quiet room after a hectic day is one of the most magical feelings I have ever experienced.


I loved breast feeding my second son, as my first son was premature and I felt that the experience was stolen from me. Breastfeeding for ten months made me feel like a proper mum and gave me something like closure.

Diary of a First Time Mum

I love breastfeeding because its something that is just between me and my daughter. It’s like a special club that only us two are cool enough to join. You can cuddle her, you can play with her, you can carry her, but only I can feed her.

A Baby on Board

We didn’t have the easiest start to breastfeeding so it’s amazing for me now to look at my baby – six months down the line – and know her growth is completely down to breast milk. I love breastfeeding; for the closeness, for the bond it’s given us and also because it means I can eat as much cake as I want!

Not Even a Bag of Sugar

I loved supplying breast milk for my little boy, born at 27 weeks. It was his medicine and something only I could give him, and it was made specifically for his needs.

The Mummy Adventure

I loved the closeness of breastfeeding, how easy it was and how comforting for both mother and baby. I loved that I was giving Dylan the best start and I loved that no matter how many people wanted to cuddle and coo over him – when he started crying he was all mine!

Breast 4 Babies

I love the closeness and knowing you are doing the best for your baby.

My Mummy’s Pennies

I love the connection that I get with my daughter when she feeds, even now, 20 months in to our breastfeeding journey, she immediately calms and relaxes when she sees the breast, it’s a magic cure for any upset or pain, no one else can offer her that.

Mummy Alarm

I love breastfeeding because seeing my baby fall asleep happy and content on me, gives we the warmest feeling possible. It melts my heart seeing her so pure and vulnerable, even if it is at 3am…

Mummy Mishaps

I loved breastfeeding because it gave my children the best possible start in life from milk my body made.



Thanks to all the mothers who shared their photographs and words.

Circus Queen
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Now it’s your turn. If you’re a blogger, post your breastfeeding picture (or pictures!) on your blog and add your link to the linky below. Grab the “Breastfeeding Bloggers” button so your readers can come see what it’s all about. The linky will stay open until August 7th – the last day of World Breastfeeding Week. If you’re not a blogger, email your pics to with a line about why you love breastfeeding. I’ll host them here.

Whether or not you’re a blogger, tell me, what do you love about breastfeeding?



I explained more about World Breastfeeding Week and the Big Latch On last week. Remember, if you live in or around Bristol to come join us at 10am this Saturday on the Downs for The Big Bristol Latch On.

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