You know you need a takeaway dinner when…

We were offered a voucher from JUST EAT so we could review their online takeaway ordering service and, after a trying day, I decided to do what anyone would do to keep her sanity – order Chinese takeaway and make a list. So here we go. You know you need a takeaway dinner when…

You’ve been asked the question “What are you doing?” 52 times today – sometimes in the space of seconds.

It has been mixed up with “Why?”

Your 2-year-old doesn’t want to walk, go in the sling, the pushchair or your arms and doesn’t want to stay standing where she is.

She wants porridge. She wants you to hold her. She does not understand why you don’t just grow an extra pair of hands.

She does not want to wear wellies today. Half a mile from home, she desperately must have the wellies.

The house is a hole and none of your pans are clean.

You totally forgot to order groceries online and are now trying to concoct a meal from a bag of rice, two carrots and a packet of Haribo.

Said toddler’s been up since before dawn and no longer naps. *weeps*

She wants to listen to Wheels on the Bus over and over and over on Spotify.

You go out and she wants to sing Wheels on the Bus over and over and over.

You’ve had to remember 1000 things today and now lack the mental capacity to put a decent meal together.

It’s date night and you both forgot.

reasons for a takeaway

So, you go on Just Eat and you order ALL the Chinese. And chips. Order online and you don’t even have to talk to anybody. The online ordering system is reliable and a breeze. You can search by food type and location which is helpful. The service from Chan’s in Bristol was efficient and the food was exactly what we needed.

A good takeaway system really does make everything OK.

JUST EAT sent us a voucher so we could give them a whirl.

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