You know you’re in your second trimester when…

You know you’re fully in your second trimester when…

1. The kitchen floor gets mopped for the first time in months. You even get down on your hands and knees to perfect the job.

2. Your laundry basket is finally empty.

3. You have the courage to say “No” when your 2-year-old asks to watch Peppa Pig.

4. You can contemplate going to more than one place in a day.

5. You start thinking about what you’re going to wear today, boots and all.

6. The world is beautiful. The rain is beautiful. The slugs are beautiful. The pen marks on your child’s face are beautiful. The grumpy bus driver is beautiful. Everywhere you look you see life.

7. You put together an exercise plan.

8. When you feel ill you wonder if you’re coming down with something, not just assuming it’s the pregnancy.

9. Your baby seems like a baby, not alien monster spawn chewing you up from the inside.

10. You view the future with a huge level of optimism. The birth will be fine, the baby will be fine, the siblings will love each other, the house will stay clean, you will have cooked enough food in advance, there will be no marital strife whatsoever. Amen.

11. You decide you are going to finally take and pass your driving test so you’ll not be dragging two small children everywhere on public transport, losing the little sanity you have left.

12. Coffee tastes good again.

13. You agree, you really should bend with your knees.

14. Nothing about pregnancy feels particularly real because you feel so flipping amazing.

15. Your bump becomes obvious and you hope people start noticing that you are, in fact, pregnant.

16. Those little kicks are coming through clear and strong.

17. You count down the weeks to your second scan.

18. You are. So Hungry. All the time.

19. You can’t help bringing up the topic of baby names.

20. The whole world is pregnant. Pregnant women everywhere!


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